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1、Legal Information

Fanchen enjoys copyright in the works it distributes or co-distributes with its partners and is protected by national copyright laws and international copyright conventions.

We reserve the right to pursue legal liability for any use of the above copyright content beyond the scope of reasonable use and without our written permission.

Trademark Declaration

Fanchen has made a trademark registration protection against the words or images of "Fanchen Youpin and Beici", and the registered trademark information of Fanchen company can be seen in the public trademark registration information disclosed in various countries.

The use of the above trademark without the permission of Fanchen company may infringe on the registered trademark right of Fanchen Youpin, and our company reserves the right to pursue legal liability for any action suspected of violating the registered trademark right of Fanchen company.

Relevant laws:

《The Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China》 (excerpt)

《The Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China》

《Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Safeguarding Internet Security》

《Measures for Security Protection Administration of the International Networking of Computer Information Networks》

《Regulations on the Protection of Computer Software》

Website Identification:

www.fcyp.com, www.beici.com, etc. are all the domain names of Fanchen company's website. For more information about the record details of Fanchen's website, please click the industrial and commercial logo and the network security logo on the website:

The company solemnly reminds users not to visit the illegal websites of counterfeiters to avoid being victimized.

2、Privacy Policy

Privacy policy statement on the use of this website

Wuhu Fanchen E-commerce Co., Ltd. ("Fanchen Youpin" or "we") adopts the following privacy policies for the use of [http://www.fcyp.com] and related websites and services ("this website"), but the following policies do not cover the affiliated websites with independent privacy policies. This privacy policy applies to information collected or provided directly by the user, but does not cover any personal or non personal data collected through other websites (including websites of our affiliated institutions) or sources. The privacy policy of this website may be updated regularly to reflect the change in the way we collect, use and / or share information, and the final update date will be marked on this page. It is your duty to consult the privacy policy and understand the changes. Therefore, every time you use this website, please consult this privacy policy to ensure that you understand clearly how our practice of handling personal data has changed. If you continue to use this website, it means you accept these changes in our privacy policy.

Collection, use and disclosure of personal identification information and non-personal identification information


You can browse the site without providing any personal information to us. However, if you request for a kind of notification or update, we may collect personal identity information that you voluntarily provide, including name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and and any other information allows others to identify your identity. We may also collect some of your non personal identity information as you use this website, such as the Internet browser and operating system specifications you use, and website browsing and click data, etc.

Purpose and usage

The purpose of Fanchen's collection of personal identity information through this website includes: providing you with public information about the company and our services; sharing news, latest news and reports from your inquiry; mastering your needs; conducting a statistical analysis of the use of the global web site; ensuring safety and legal compliance; conducting direct marketing activities; informing you about the change of our website or our services; and provide other services. We reserve the right to make full use of non personal identification information.


To enhance user experience, Cookies or related technologies may be used in the web pages of this website. Cookie is a text file that is set in your Internet browser to store your personal preferences, and will not disclose your email address or other personal identity information. We may also collect information about the pages you visited, the links or advertisements you clicked, and other operations you performed while using this site. Fanchen will only collect these information on your own initiative. However, once you choose to enter your personal identification information on this website (i.e. provide it to Fanchen), this information may be linked to data stored in cookies. You can choose to disable the cookie in your browser, but some functions of this website may not work properly after that.


We will not sell, share or rent your personal information, but we will provide the information to our employees, trusted third party or affiliated institutions only in the case of providing product or service you request. In order to enable trusted third party or association provide services to us , we may also share your personal information with them, but the purpose is only to provide  the service. We will restrict them only to access and use the personal identification information they need in order to provide us with these services on a commercial basis. In addition, we will only provide your personal identification information to third parties for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

We may also disclose your personal identification information in accordance with the requirements of subpoenas, court orders issued anywhere in the world, or requests from any law enforcement agency or other government agency. We may also disclose your personal identity information in the following situations which we consider it's necessary : the need to investigate or prevent actual or suspected illegal activities or other misconduct, or to take other actions on such activities/actions, or to protect and defend the rights, properties or safety of Fanchen, our users or others . If this is the case (for example, any major security vulnerabilities), we will be in a commercial and reasonable way to let you know that we have surpassed the provisions of this privacy policy to disclose your personal identity information.

Third party links and related policies

This website may contain links to other websites, which may be owned or operated by third parties and / or affiliates. The third parties and associations  will collect your personal data, and they and their computer servers may be in People's Republic of China or other countries. We have no control over nor will we be responsible for the privacy and security policies of any third party or affiliated institution. We strongly recommend that you consult all the privacy and safety policies of the third parties and affiliates to understand how they deal with the information they may collect from you. If its privacy policy conflicts with the privacy policy of this website, their privacy policy shall prevail.

Do Not Track”Policy

According to the legal requirements of certain jurisdictions, web sites and online service operators have to disclose how they respond to Do Not Track signal, and whether other third parties will collect relevant personal identity information on a person's online activity over a period of time, across third party sites or online services.

Some browsers have a "Do Not Track" feature that usually sends signals or preferences to a web site or online service that is accessed by the user to show that the user does not want to be tracked. Since the industry does not have a consistent understanding of how to interpret the "Do Not Track" signal, Fanchen will not respond to any "Do Not Track" signals.